Letter from children of 7th grade to KIDS supporters

We received this lovely letter from the children of the 7th grade of the San Juan Diego School.  We thought we’d share it with you. Below is the translation:

“Hi! We are the children of 7th grade of the San Juan Diego school. It is located in the Toba neighborhood of Rosario city, in the Santa Fe province, our school has boys and girls and these are our flags.


We jave a Kiosk and in an afterschool class, we bake breads and pizzas to sell, with that money we will be going on an “end of primary school” trip to the province of Cordoba. We also do raffles…

We love to play football and we are fans of the local teams: Newell’s old boys and Rosario Central as well as River and Boca Juniors.  We are also followers of Lionel Messi.

Our school is only a few blocks away from the Parana River, we are 40 children and we have between 11 and 14 years-old.  We are starting to study English along as other 9 more subjects and we have a break to play between 1030 and 1045 in the morning.  We start class at 845 AM, we have breakfast, we pay respects to the flag and then, after classes are done, we have lunch at 1230. We also have sports class once a week.

We send you our regards and we hope to get a letter back.

Analia, Jonatan, Oscar, Sebastian Briza, Melisa, Waldemar, Alejandro, David, Mariela, Ayele, Hernan, Benjamin, Ana Laura, Micaela, Ailen, Nestor, Franco, Federico and Facundo.”

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