Friends Day / Dia del amigo

Día del Amigo (Spanish, Friend’s Day) is a celebration of friendship, held annually on July 20, mainly in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, but also in some other countries.

The idea for Friend’s Day goes back to Argentine teacher, musician, and dentist Enrique Febbraro, who lobbied to turn the anniversary of the first moon landing into an international day of friendship, along his Rotary Club de Once, in Buenos Aires. He argued that on this particular day, the whole world had been friends of the three astronauts. The first official recognition of the day came with decree No. 235/79 by the government of the province of Buenos Aires, which authorized the celebration and gave it official nature.

In Argentina, Friend’s Day is often a good excuse for a common friendly gathering, though people also employ the day to get in contact with old and seldom-met friends and greet them. Since it is not a public holiday in Argentina, the gatherings tend to happen during the evening.

Though Friend’s Day has always been respected, in recent years it has turned into a very popular mass phenomenon. In 2005, too many well-wishing friends led to a temporary breakdown of the mobile phone network in the cities of Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Córdoba and Rosario, comparable to the one experienced in 2004 onChristmas and New Year’s Day. In the case of Rosario, La Capital newspaper reported that seats in most restaurants, bars and other establishments were already booked out completely a week before the celebration.

This is why, all those who form part of our K.I.D.S. Argentina, we decided to make this one OUR day as well. Year after year, we have been enjoying lovely gatherings and nights out with the Argentinean community in Dublin and a lot of other nationalities who are adopting it by helping make a difference at the same time as having a great time.


Timeline of Friends Day in Dublin:

2008 — 70 people attended. Held at the Gingerman Pub, D2

2009 — 95 people attended. Held at the Gingerman Pub, D2

2010 — 120 people attended. Held at the Ron Blacks Pub, D2

2011 — 110 people attended. Held at the Woolshed Bar, D1

2012 — 100 people attended our Friend’s Day in Dublin in James Toner’s Pub

2013 – Terenure Rugby Club – A family friendly day event on Saturday 20th & An Evening Dinner’s Event at the Troc on July 23rd – Check out Facebook & current events for more information

We want to ensure that there are more than one Friends Day parties held around Ireland, England and Argentina. If you’d like to be part of this adventure, just contact Flo:

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