Calendar of Events for 2014

Month Proposed Event  
January Camino Walkers Reunion Walk in Donegal      
February 2nd of February Six Nations Aviva Street Collection      
March 8th March Six Nations Aviva Street Collection      
April K.I.D.S. Camino Prep Walks РDublin Walk Route TBCNational Pin & Ribbon day with NCI      
June Dublin Women’s Mini¬†Marathon

Swizzle Sizzle Swing Summer Sensation 2 – Swing Dance Workshop & Social Night for K.I.D.S. June 21st and 22nd
July Friends Day РLocation to be announced      
 August KIDS Camino Challenge Р2nd to 9th of August 2014      
October Comedy Night for K.I.D.S      
November K.I.D.S Camino Reunion      
 December  Card sales & raffles      
 Ongoing  SO Contributors      
  Facebook shop to sell T-Shirts & Pins, Cards    
  Linking Schools & Fundraising      
  Friends & Supporter Donations Р5 x New Standing Order contributors to be found :-)    
¬† Contact us if you’d like to sponsor an event or to run an event for K.I.D.S.
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