K.I.D.S. Charity Race Night

K.I.D.S. Charity Race Night was a successful on Peggy Peggy Kelly’s pub on 4th April. We raised €1,500! It was a nigh of good fun and we were overwhelming with the generosity. The event was organized by Anthony Byrne, Deidre Cosgrove and Tom Cosgrove.

The lads are fundraising for our project K.I.D.S. Family Grants. They will be joining our sponsored walk in Spain from the 2nd to 9th August. The funds raised will support 28 children. This program gives financial support to families who want their children to remain in school through a monthly financial payment. The money is used to buy clothes and school supplies for a student attending school.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Des Kelly Carpets, Ginger Packaging, The Marist Nuns and JR Byrne and Sons Cash and Carry for sponsoring the races and also to Josephine from Peggy Kelly’s for providing a warm and generous welcome to us.

If you would like to know more about our projects please go to www.kids-projects.org or emailcora@kids-argentina.org

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National College of Ireland 4th Pin Day Street Collection – Students Supporting Students

Do you know that students from the National College of Ireland have fundraised for four years in the K.I.D.S. ‘Students Supporting Student’s Project to raise the grant aid for a college student in Argentina? Her name is Lorena Nunez and she is studying social work and also undertaking volunteer work for the Toba community K.I.D.S. project.

A big thank you to the National College of Ireland students, staff, faculty and visitors for supporting this fundraiser. It is in the spirit of fellowship of ‘students supporting students’ that Ciara, Esosa and Ruairi from the Service Learning Module supported by their lecturer Susan Duggan organized the pin day fundraising event in the college on the 3rd of April 2014. We also would like to thank all volunteers who helped with the fundraising around the IFSC area on the day. Students raised €500 which represents half of the annual support to Lorena for helping her with the costs of going to college – transport, books and food, they will continue to fundraise to reach their €1000 target.  Find out on Facebook how she is doing and how important is this grant for herhttps://www.facebook.com/LorenaNunezKidsArgentina?fref=nf.

If you would like to help or run an event for this project please contact cora@kids-argentina.org

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RBS Six Nations Street Collection around Aviva Stadium – Thank You

We at K.I.D.S. were trilled to get permit from the Garda Síochána for Collection Street around Aviva Stadium on the 2nd February and 8th March RBS 6 Nations Rugby games. The total value raised from the two days collecting at the stadium was €1,000!

A bit thank you to all amazing volunteers for their time and everybody attending the Six Nation’s RBS Scotland and Italy matches, we really appreciate your generosity.  We also would like to thank Sandymount Hotel for supporting our fundraising and refreshments to volunteers and allowing us to promote the charity with posters in their hotel.

Congratulations to Ireland for winning the RBS 6 Nations 2014! What a game and perfect finale to Brian O’Driscoll’s marvelous career.

If you would like to know more about our projects please go to www.kids-projects.org or emailcora@kids-argentina.org

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TESCO Ballyfermot Customers we Thank you ‘Every cent counts’

TESCO Ballyfermot Customers we Thank you ‘Every cent counts’

We at K.I.D.S welcome and appreciate ‘every little help’ we can get.  THANK YOU Tesco and the Ballyfermont community for your support.  We also would like to thank all our amazing volunteers who helped with the fundraising during the day. We raised €1,115 on 17th February 2014 on our bag packing event. 

Money raised goes to our project K.I.D.S. Family Grants in the Toba settlement in Rosario, Argentina.  The project supports families with the costs of a child going to school and aims to reduce the number of kids dropping out of school.  If you would like to know more about our projects please email cora@kids-argentina.org

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Our youngest supporters

Meet James (6) and Daniel (4) – our youngest supporters. They take great pride in collecting every single 1, 2 and 5 cent coins (or “bonze money” as they call it). Where ever they find them, they put them away for “The K.I.D.S.”. Today, they gave us their second batch of collections with over €20.
Allow us to feel proud of them! 


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Tremendous success for our 3rd Pin Day in the NCI

As for the past three years, we are terribly grateful to the amazing students of the National College of Ireland who have taken on board the task of sponsoring our university grant for Lorena Nunez.  This year, they also added KIDS on to their fashion show charity event and between the two, they managed to raise a whooping €1′000 to go to support Lorena’s studies.

We are amazed by this result and we -sincerely- cannot stop saying THANK YOU to all of the organisers as well as all the supporters.


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Flora Women’s mini marathon – We want you on board!

2013 will be our 5th year participating in this event. 2012 was our best year where we had an amazing group of ladies running / jogging / walking it for us and managed to surpass every other year’s funds raised.  We are looking for lovely ladies to beat this record once more.

Want to join us?

Register on the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon website  www.florawomensminimarathon.ie

Note 1: Registration fee is €19

Note 2: Registration closes when registration reaches 40,000 (usually within a few weeks!)

Note 3: You can choose to register as a walker, jogger, or runner

Once registered, email Flo (flo@kids-argentina.org)  and you’ll receive a fundraising pack & t-shirt!

If you want tips on how to prepare for it, we can also send you a sample you can follow.

Go on! You know you want to!

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Fantastic news for our friends on the Adventure Sports Project!

A good friend of K.I.D.S. – The Adventure Sports Project in Rutland Street in Dublin 1 today got an early present for 2013.  Kindly sponsored by C&C the Musical Youth Foundation will establish musical education to the kids who use the ASP services.

The Adventure Sports Project (ASP) is located on  Rutland Street, Dublin 1 its target is the North East Inner City aged between 10 to 21 years by providing informal educational youth work programmes and activities designed to meet the needs of young people at risk in our target area. They achieve this through educational programmes, advocacy, information, interest based activities, training, drop ins, recreational activities, etc.

The Musical Youth Foundation, which was established in 2009, is working to provide every child on the island of Ireland with access to a musical education.

The generous donation will be used by the charity to establish a Music Education Partnership with the Adventure Sports Project on Rutland Street in Dublin. Local children will be given access to music lessons as part of the charity’s Guitars for Kids and Community Choir programmes

Michael Merrins of C&C said, “Having visited the Musical Youth Foundation and witnessed first hand the brilliant work of the organisers and volunteers, it’s an honour to be able to help and contribute in some small way.  C&C hopes that our donation will assist many more children in gaining a musical education. This is a wonderful charity that brings joy and new skills to hundreds of young people and we wish them well with the Guitars for Kids programme.”

Musical Youth Foundation Founder & CEO Chris Maher said: “This is a fantastic early Christmas present for the Musical Youth Foundation. The money will allow us to offer more young people in Dublin 1 access to a musical education and its many acknowledged benefits.”

The benefits of music education stretch way beyond the lessons, helping to build a child’s confidence, improve concentration and teach them the value of patience and perseverance. Aside from being a very satisfying hobby, music education is known to help improve a child’s performance in the classroom outside of music education itself.

We are delighted for the ASP and the MYF and look forward to working with the ASP in 2013

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Letter from children of 7th grade to KIDS supporters

We received this lovely letter from the children of the 7th grade of the San Juan Diego School.  We thought we’d share it with you. Below is the translation:

“Hi! We are the children of 7th grade of the San Juan Diego school. It is located in the Toba neighborhood of Rosario city, in the Santa Fe province, our school has boys and girls and these are our flags.


We jave a Kiosk and in an afterschool class, we bake breads and pizzas to sell, with that money we will be going on an “end of primary school” trip to the province of Cordoba. We also do raffles…

We love to play football and we are fans of the local teams: Newell’s old boys and Rosario Central as well as River and Boca Juniors.  We are also followers of Lionel Messi.

Our school is only a few blocks away from the Parana River, we are 40 children and we have between 11 and 14 years-old.  We are starting to study English along as other 9 more subjects and we have a break to play between 1030 and 1045 in the morning.  We start class at 845 AM, we have breakfast, we pay respects to the flag and then, after classes are done, we have lunch at 1230. We also have sports class once a week.

We send you our regards and we hope to get a letter back.

Analia, Jonatan, Oscar, Sebastian Briza, Melisa, Waldemar, Alejandro, David, Mariela, Ayele, Hernan, Benjamin, Ana Laura, Micaela, Ailen, Nestor, Franco, Federico and Facundo.”

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Lindy Hop at the Top

Please read below the most amazing recount of one of our events of this year. Thank you Keith for all the support you have given us throughout this year. It has been one of our highlights of the year!


Lindy hop at the top

2012 has been an amazing year. It will long be remembered by many for the London Olympics which brought us some incredible feats of endurance and performance by so many inspirational people.

The memories of the Olympics are fading but one clear memory of my year is my good fortune in meeting Cora Barnes and finding out about K.I.D.S Argentina, the charity which she runs with her friend Florencia Saluzzo. These two ladies, and their charity, where so inspiring that I offered my time and what energy I could muster, to walk up the highest mountain in Wales in a sponsored event to add to the fund.

A lot of my spare time is spent swing dancing and I was fortunate to be able to draw on the help of www.jiveswing.com in Hertfordshire and Essex. The support I received from this remarkably generous and enthusiastic bunch of people was humbling. They allowed me to use one of the regular social nights in Southend as a fund raising event. So Retro Sunday on July 8th was hijacked  and converted into a full on Charity night with raffle, dancing, competition, spot prizes and last but not least, a surprise singing performance by yours truly. As I’m not a seriously good singer I decided to do something a little more comedic, so a hastily re-written rendition of ‘ I’m the king of the swingers’ from the Jungle Book was rehearsed. The lyrics went something like…. ‘Im not the king of the swingers, cos I’ve got two left feet!… and so on and so on’ . Despite my nerves I think I carried it off OK. The evening in general was well received and along with the donations from the other JIveswing.com venues I was well on the way to raising 600Euros. To the ladies and Gentlemen of Hertfordshire and Essex, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This left the little matter of Mount Snowdon which loomed tall in the North of Wales.

I first agreed to do the walk in mid May but soon found that I had somewhat over estimated my fitness level. Despite the dancing, I found my stamina was well under par. This manifested itself when I tried to join in the Jubilee celebrations by walking up a small hill in Shropshire to see one of the beacon lighting ceremonies. After my exhausting evening gasping for oxygen, with lungs ready to burst, I was seriously questioning my ability to complete the challenge. So the very next day I started a rigorous regime of diet and training. The next 4 weeks proved to be hard work but it is surprising what you can achieve when there is a goal to aim for.

By the time July 14th came around I was feeling quite pleased with myself and confident that providing we didn’t try to jog all the way up I could make it comfortably.  Cora had agreed to accompany me to the top and take part in a lindy ‘swing out’, it’s a dance move !!!.  My walk had by now adopted the title ‘Lindy hop at the top’ in honour of the dancing fraternity which had given me so much support. Cora was there for moral support (much needed and much used), secondly to do the ‘swing out’ and also to make sure I didn’t quit.

The day went something like this:

08:00 Rucksack packed – loads of water and fast carbs  (not taking any chances) – coincidentally the rucksack weighed exactly how much I had lost as part of my new health regime.

09:00 Meet up with Cora and head off to Wales

10:30 Arrive at the foot of Snowdon the mountain top covered in mist. This was to be a psychological bonus as it turned out.

At this point I should introduced you to Swizzle, our walking buddy, Swizzle is my English Springer spaniel who has the biggest appetite for exercise I have ever known in a dog, he also has an appetite for mountain grass .. More of which later.

10:40 Set off in good spirits. Lots of people around today.

10:45 First challenge of the day, resist the temptation to catch the train. Short tarmac walk to the café at the bottom of the mountain

10:55 Fill up flask at the café before setting off on the real path. We soon get into a steady rhythm. My training seems to be of some success.

11:45 Catch up with a group of young people from Manchester – they don’t like dogs so Swizzle is not so popular, we walk on by.

12:15 Sheep !!! what a surprise .. we are on a mountain in Wales. Swizzle wants to go and say hello, they run away, he thinks the ‘chase me’ game is good fun !. He loses and soon gives up and comes back looking for us. Funny thing though .. so many people and the wind is blowing away from him, he can’t find us for 5 minutes. That’ll teach him.

12:30 Halfway rest halt and a much welcomed lunch. Swizzle decides to skip lunch in favour of chewing chunks out of the mountain. I think he may have anger management issues.

13:00 We are off again. We get on to discussing what it must be like to do the three peaks in 24 Hrs and how some one doing that would probably be on the way up Snowdon by now (General rule is to do Snowdon last). Well what a coincidence, a lady pipes up and says “ it’s damned hard work “ or words to that effect anyway. There were three of them on the last leg and had until 4:30 to get to the top and back down. They were surprisingly energetic considering how long they had been walking, we did the honourable thing and let them go on ahead as their need was greater than ours.

13:15 The last section is very steep and there were a number of rest halts, Cora kindly stopped often enough that I didn’t have to be the one to ‘break’. The male ego is still over powering, even on top of a mountain, regardless of the age difference.

13:40 We finally reach a very misty mountain summit. This is the culmination of two months planning and training and to have raised money for such a good cause as KIDS Argentina in the process is an uplifting feeling.

14:00 Dancing at the top is not possible on health and safety grounds, so we set off back. The sun comes out though which was excellent timing. We find a reasonably flat area and film our swing out… Objective achieved, we continue down to the café for a, well earned, hot chocolate.


As I write this I am hearing of a potential challenge for 2013. Someone is cycling from Dublin to Lourdes. Now that’s what I call a challenge. My work does not allow me such time off so I am considering including my other passion, motorcycling, and perhaps the Triumph Tiger could take me from Holywell (The Lourdes of Wales) to meet up with the intrepid cyclist in France.  Hmmmm now….. let’s start planning.

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