Our Programmes

Our main goal is to strengthen children’s relationship with school.

We are currently working with two communities in the area of Rosario. The plan involves the following:

  • Family grants:

The program gives financial help, support and “training” to the parents of families of extreme poverty in order to provide access for their children (and to stay) in an educational formal system. This way we are also strengthening the educational function of the family

-         It gives equality of opportunities to all the children of one family

-         Reduces the number of failure and dropping out of school, eradicating as well child labour on the students who got the grant  as well as the need for children to work whilst in school

-         It makes better the conditions of educability

  • After-School Club

There are a number of after school activities organised for the children.  These involve school support, music club, sports club, dancing club, some activities for the parents (nutrition, hygiene and manual activities).

  • University Scholarships:

These scholarships were created for teenagers in vulnerable social situations. They have the potential to continue with a higher education (University or “Terciario”).  These university scholarships provide a small allowance for students to use for clothing, educational equipment and books.

To receive these scholarships the student makes a commitment to ‘give back’ to their community in terms of time or from contributing through local educational projects.

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