Top up your ould talents!

Project details: Over the next few months the Adventure Sports Project (ASP), Rutland St, is hosting an exciting series of media-related workshops for young people, partnered with KIDS projects. It was here that Give up your ould Sins was recorded all those years ago, so it seems only fitting that once again the young people of Rutland street are getting a chance to express themselves through a range of media.

There are three phases to these workshops culminating in an exhibition of the young peoples’ work and an awards ceremony in December.

Phase One – Animation and Graphics

Fintan Tate, a renowned animator from Dun Laoghaire is volunteering his time and expertise to open up the world of animation to a group of young people. Over 20 hours of interactive workshops he will assist 8-10 participants in creating comic-strip stories of their lives. As a teenager Fintan turned to comics and drawing while many of his peers were turning to drink and drugs. He credits this with helping to shape his future and having a very positive impact on his education. There will be an opportunity for graphics created during this workshop to be turned into animations during the third phase of workshops.

Phase Two – Photography

Flo, from the KIDS charity, will be facilitating this workshop in November, which will see the participants getting behind the camera to capture the essence of the Rutland Street area through photography. The participants will then develop these pictures, and the final product will be displayed during the exhibition in December. Students will have an opportunity to show off their local area, as well as learning all about darkrooms and developing pictures.

Phase Three – Film Club

In the final set of workshops participants will get an opportunity to not only record and film using professional equipment, but learn all about an editing suite. Adding backing tracks to footage, cutting footage to a shorter amount of time and using effects to change the colour and image of the recorded film will all be explored.

Project Input

ASP are facilitating these workshops through the provision of a space for them to take place, youth workers and of course the participants!

KIDS are supporting this project by providing the resources needed for Phase One and Phase Two and finding the experts needed to deliver each phase.

Flo and Fintan Tate are kindly giving their time and vast expertise free of charge.

Project Outcomes

First and foremost we hope that participants get inspired by the workshops they attend, and feel proud of what they produce. This pride will hopefully trickle down to a pride for their community and from their community. The exhibition is a chance for Rutland Street to both celebrate itself and its talented young people: the next generation.

Going forward, who knows? Fintan Tate found his life’s passion and career path through learning to draw and create comics as a teen; the greatest outcome would be for this series of workshops to inspire a future Fintan!

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
― Benjamin Franklin

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